Senior Community Services Employment Program

The Senior Community Services Employment Program (SCSEP) is available to men and women, ages 55 years and older, who are unemployed, meet established low-income guidelines and desire an opportunity for training and employment. Individuals are given a training assignment that most closely matches their personal goals for employment. Training assignments are coordinated with non-profit or government agencies, also known as "Host Agencies" and are for 20 hours per week, at the established minimum wage hourly rate, currently $7.25 Applicants are not required to have previous work experience.
SCSEP provides subsidized training for a period of up to 48 months. The goal of the program is to help older workers to develop workplace skills which will enable them to attain permanent, unsubsidized employment, either with their Host Agencies, or with other non-profit, government or private sector employers.
Participants are hired by a variety of employers including schools, physicians, health care agencies, hospitals, custodial and maintenance service industries, senior service providers, administrative and management offices, retail merchants, and transportation, security and technology companies.
The assets of older workers are increasingly being recognized by employers. These assets include a strong work ethic, high productivity, extensive life experience, and low absenteeism and turnover rates.
SCSEP is authorized under Title V of the Older Americans Act. The Maryland Department of Aging administers the Program in the following jurisdictions: Baltimore City, Allegany, Calvert, Caroline, Charles, Garrett, Kent, Queen Anne's, St. Mary's, Talbot, and Washington Counties. Referrals to sponsors in other counties are available.

To receive more information about the Senior Community Services Employment Program, please fill out the Mail Response Form.


The Maryland Department of Aging is interested in establishing contacts with more Maryland employers to assess their current and future staffing needs and discuss ways to integrate older workers into their hiring mix. Interested employers can take advantage of the On-the-Job Experience (OJE) Incentive Program in support of hiring older worker Participants.
To participate as an Employer with an older worker in the Employer Incentive process, an eligible Senior Community Services Employment Participant will be:

  1. carefully screened for an OJE to meet the Employer’s specifications for a particular position,
  2. interviewed by the Employer and
  3. hired by the Employer at the beginning of the Training Period. Upon successful completion of the OJE, the Employer will be reimbursed a percentage of the Participant’s hourly wage for a designated Training Period as follows:
  • 100% of hourly wages for Training Periods up to 4 weeks, or
  • 50% of hourly wages for Training Periods up to 12 weeks.

The Maryland Department of Aging is committed to promoting the employment of older workers. Many Maryland employers are hiring older workers as part of their regular recruitment effort. However, as the median age of the workforce increases over the next decade, more employers will need to utilize the skills, experience and talents of older workers. Employers wishing to learn more about the OJE Incentive Program, please fill out the Mail Response Form

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